Gibson Super 300 - 1950 NFS

This model could be the rarest Gibson production model. Only about 200 Super 300's were ever made (between 1948 and 1955). There are rarer configurations of Gibson archtops (eg my L7CNED) but for complete models this may be the rarest. It is an 18 inch archtop. Solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides. Amazing sound (as you can expect). All original.

It would be interesting to compare this guitar with a Super 400 (its fancier cousin). After buying an L5 and hearing the difference between that and an L7, I wonder if there is the same difference between a Super 300 and a Super 400. I guess there would be. I'll have to start saving my pennies (did I say pennies, I meant my thousands of dollars!).







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