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Welcome to endsongs

Firstly, if you are here because of Mark's Guitar collection, part of it can be accessed online. Sometimes he has guitars for sale.

Secondly, in the music library there is music from the mid-1970's, the early 1980's, the late 1990's and recent music.

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Endsongs2 is improvised modern music. It's the jazz philosophy which doesn't mean it sounds like traditional jazz. See About for more info.

Below are some samples that have been split out of the library. These samples are a good indication of the variety of music you will get if you come to one of our gigs or if you are a venue owner and we are asking you to provide us with the opportunity of a gig.

Space Choir (14:20) - Weird percussion and noises which morphs into an orchestra with a mournful guitar solo.

Twelve Tones Part 1 (6:54) - All 12 tones are used, morphs into a guitar riff in 7/4.

String Machine Part 3 (5:55) - Slow strings, guitars and lots of different percussion.

Free Jazz Part 1 (17:05) - An unmodified, amplified guitar and acoustic percussion go on a journey, somewhere. But they take awhile to get going...

Also, check out Mark's new music series.

Playing/improvising with Three Martins and with Three ES300s.

Mark has also made a movie... Thirty seven minutes of nothing (Extreme ambience. Beware!)

Part One (the first ten minutes) is below:



Interested in this type of music? The shows are advertised in the sidebar. If you would like to book us for a performance then please use the Contact link.

Some recent, recorded performances:

Endsongs2 Duo (no effects!) March 2007 (29:39, 33.9MB)

Endsongs2 Ambient Live 08 February 2007 (45:22, 51.9MB)


Some library music

Endsongs1 - Three ES300s

Sampler CD?

Are you here because you have the "endsongs 2 Music Sampler" CD?

Samples 1-11 are from "Twelve tones to locrian".
Samples 12-22 are from "Space Choir".
Sample 23 is "ALocrian" (a version not in the Music Library).
Sample 24 is "Space Choir" (a version not in the Music Library).


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