Gibson ES125T - 1964 A$2550

This is a thin bodied 16 inch Gibson. This variation was made from 1956 to 1969 after which they were discontinued.

Dimensions: 16 1/4 inch (W) by 20 1/4inch (L) by 1 3/4 inch (D). Laminated Maple top, laminated maple back and rims, unbound f-holes, 20 fret unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 24 3/4 inch scale length, one-piece mahogany neck, unbound peghead with gold Gibson decal, shell-like pickguard, rosewood bridge with pre-set compensating saddle, nickel trapeze tailpiece with raised diamond on the cross-bar, strip kluson tuners. Single black covered p90 pickup in the neck position.

This guitar has newer HSC. Serial number 226532. The guitar is all original, including the tuners and the tips. There is some wear in the finish and there is some overall checking, obviously. Also, some finish cracking around the base of the neck. It has had a neck reset by Jim Cargill. He has done an awesome job, as usual. Great little guitar, it weighs just a bit more than nothing, very light.

This guitar had, at the same time as the neck reset, a Jim Cargill setup.

A note about neck resets: All guitars will need a neck reset at some time in their lives, if they live long enough. An older Martin that has had only one reset would be rare (no truss rod!). It is a simple fact of string tension over time. I know some people view neck resets dimly but I don't, as long as the job is professional. The job on this guitar is! All guitars as they age need maintenance, from new strings, to fret dressing to new frets to neck resets. It has to happen, it is just a matter of when and how well the maintenance is done. (Like vintage cars need replacement petrol, replacement tires, services and eventually replaced parts that wear out).

One way to view this guitar is that you know it has been done now and you will not have to have it done for the next 40-50 years.

Ok... I've had a few enquiries and while I may not be concerned about the neck reset I appreciate that others may be. Consequently I have dropped the price to reflect those concerns. Best option would be to come and play it...

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