Gibson ES295 - 1952 Not for sale

This is a rare guitar! Produced only from 1952 to 1958. It is exceedingly hard to come by a good quality one (the gold finish rubs off or tarnishes easily). This one is from the first year of production (the first four months actually!) and it is in excellent condition (for an ES295). It has some marks on the body where someone silly (not me!) tried to clean the pots with some agent that marked and stained the finish. The marks are hard to see but are there on the body. The back of the neck is worn and the gold finish has tarnished to a green colour in a few places (the gold finish is made up of bronze flakes which turn green when exposed to air and oxidised). The guitar plays and sounds wonderful.

The ES295 was essentially a fancy ES175D (althought the two pickup ES175's were not introduced until a year later in 1953). It has the original, brown-shelled, pink-lining HSC. This is one of my favourite guitars of all time.



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