Gibson ES300 - 1951 NFS

How beautiful is this guitar! I love these old full bodied 17 inch ES300's. This example has an amazing flametop. I almost didn't believe it was for real when I first saw it but, here it is!

It has the original brown shell hard case with a light green/yellow interior. The ES300 was discontinued in 1952.

I have an irrational love of these old ES300's. Just something about them. This one, as you will notice, has a replacement tune-o-matic bridge. I sourced a replacement rosewood bridge from the same era but this guitar sounds much better with the tune-o-matic bridge. So I put it back on. Usually they don't sound better but the intonation is better with the newer bridge so that's why many people replaced them. However, this one is different. But I have kept the old rosewood bridge for this guitar so that it has original parts. However, I haven't yet been able to source kluson deluxe tuners for this guitar but they do come up for sale from time to time, it's just hard to get them and I have to be patient. Then this guitar will be perfect, although the sound will not be improved. The sound of the P90's are, as usual, awesome.

Dimensions: 17 inch (W) by 21 inch (L) by 3 3/8 inch (D). Laminated Maple top reinforced with 2 parallel braces, a laminated maple back and rims, triple binding on top and bottom edges, unbound f-holes, 20 fret bound rosewood fingerboard with double parallelogram inlays, 25 1/2 inch scale length, one-piece mahogany neck, bound peghead with Gibson logo (this logo introduced in 1947) inlaid in pearl, 5-ply black pickguard with a bevelled edge (introduced in 1948), rosewood bridge with pre-set compensating saddle, nickel trapeze tailpiece with pointed ends and three raised parallelograms, individual kluson deluxe tuners. Two black covered p90 pickups. Master tone control in the upper bout, individual volume controls near the bridge.

114 made that year, second last year of production.





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