Gibson ES330T - 1960 Not For Sale

This guitar is as close to mint as you could get for a 47 year old guitar, that has been played (not much 'though). There are no major blemishes nor are there major scratches, there are a few pick scratches that show the guitar has been played. There isn't even much lacquer checking (shows it has spent a lot of time in the case) and the headstock only has a few (very) minor chips. These guitars are very light since they are full hollow body guitars (the same body shape as the ES335 but the ES335 are semi-hollow body with a solid piece of wood running down the middle). This is one of the single pickup versions that were only produced between 1959 and early 1963. The double pickup versions were produced from 1959 until 1969 - but they are harder to find in good condition since they were popular with the rock bands in the 1960's and suffered the damage those musicians did to most possessions! These single pickup versions were not so popular so there are a few more (but not too many) guitars that are in better shape.

It should be noted that the bridges on these early models are the no-wire Tune-O-Matic bridges that were the same ones on the Les Pauls of the same vintage. I have seen these bridges alone sell for over $1000 - this one has its original bridge. (It's a problem with collecting archtop guitars of this vintage since, often, the parts that were also on Les Paul Models are removed and sold separately. My ES-5 originally came with replacement Grover tuners since the original kluson super tuners were also on the Les Paul Custom from the mid-1950's and the tuners themselves can sell for $1500 to $2500! Sigh!)

Dimensions: 16 inch (W) by 19 inch (L) by 1 3/4inch (D). Laminated Maple top, back and sides, single binding on top and bottom edges, unbound f-holes, 22 fret bound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 24 3/4 inch scale length, one-piece mahogany neck, unbound peghead with silkscreened Gibson logo, 5-ply black pickguard with a bevelled edge, Tune-O-Matic bridge, nickel trapeze tailpiece with raised diamond on the cross-bar, individual kluson deluxe tuners. Single black covered p90 pickup half-way between the fingerboard and the bridge.

It has the original aligator case but I bought a new HSC for $140 to keep it safer. If you would like this new case as well then add $140 to the price (but you would always get the original case - never split a vintage guitar from its original case no matter what the condition of the case or type that the case is!)

It was for sale - but I played it recently and it's too good to let go. It is too hard to replace, it's just in too good/original condition that I would spend years trying to just get something not as good as this one. Sorry.

This guitar has had a recent Jim Cargill setup.

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