Gibson ES5 - 1957 Not for sale

The "ultimate" electric guitar when it was introduced in 1949. It was the first guitar with three pickups. In 1955 the circuitry was altered to include a switch and the Switchmaster was born. This is one of those. Only a few hundred switchmasters were ever made and this is one of the very last (April 1957) to be made with P90 pickups. In mid-1957 they installed the new humbucking pickups in them. Production ceased in 1961 and they have been sought after ever since! I have the original brown case with pink lining as well. This is not just a guitar but a work of art.

It came to me with replacement Grover Imperial tuners (awesome tuners). I think the original ones must have been sold off for a lot of money - they were also on the mid-1950's Les Paul Custom. A sad problem with owning guitars from the period that shared accessories with Les Paul's. I have since bought a set of mid-1950's Kluson Super tuners to go with this guitar (not cheap!) to make it all original parts.



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