Guild D35NT - 1981 SOLD

A flat-top acoustic, spruce top and mahogany back and sides with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Officially called the "Bluegrass D-35". I bought this one brand new in 1981 in New Zealand. It has a really big, mellow sound. Live it sounds awesome but I had trouble recording with it for the Dispossessed song-cycle because of that full sound (my limited technical production skills could not get this guitar to sound like part of an ensemble instead of being the ensemble!). I did record with it on the song "Savage Sky" but that was an appropriate song for this full sounding guitar. I should play it more but unfortunately rarely do.

Consequently, it is offered for sale. Original HSC. No issues, no repairs just the usual few (small) bumps and dents. Frets original and almost unused (which tells a sad story of how much I have not played this beautiful guitar!). More images available if you are seriously interested.

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