Gibson L7CED - 1951 NFS

This is a really beautiful guitar. There are very few of these. For this model there were only 38 made in 1951 and only 154 ever made. (I also have an even rarer one, a 1950 L7CNED of which 1950 was the first year and only 4 were made and only 26 were ever made!).

The L7 is the same guitar as the L5 but without the extra binding and the gold fittings. It has a solid carved maple back and sides, solid carved spruce top, 2 piece maple neck with mahogany strip.

The McCarty pickguards are rare enough on their own (and expensive to buy - check gbase!). A distinctive sound and not very loud, not that it matters since these guitars do not go anywhere and are only played at home. Just to sit and hold them is a privilege!

I've had a few enquiries about the L7's. Generally along the lines of "why don't you sell one if you have two of them?" I guess that is right. If you are seriously interested then do your homework on pricing and import costs from overseas, add in that this guitar is extremely rare and also that it is in Australia, then contact me and we can talk. I can provide more images. It has the original HSC, brown on the outside with green interior.

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