Maton EM225C - 1995 SOLD

Excellent condition. I bought this guitar around 2001 to use on my acoustic recordings back then. I found when recording using my Guild D35NT it was too good - the sound was too full and it was using too much of the frequency spectrum. I have limited technical production skill and I could not get the filters right for the Guild so I bought this one. When recorded it sounds like an acoustic guitar, it doesn't have the richness of the Guild. I've been keeping it "just in case" but have not played it for years (why would I? - have you seen my list of guitars??). I guess it is just taking up space and I will never record that style of music again. It is time for it to go to a nice home where it will be loved and, more importantly, played.

I bought this one with a non-original HSC that is included in the price. This guitar has had a Jim Cargill setup.

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