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Auckland, New Zealand, 1982

Lee and I formed another band when we met up again after the London foray. This was a three piece (Info here...) and after the lack of success (success = large audience numbers) we thought we needed to tone the music down and make it simpler. We tried too hard and (I think) most of the music from that time sounds like musicians trying too hard. There are some moments during live performances that work and, perhaps, I will present them for download at a later time.
The music presented here is from when MidWinter first started and we were still playing and writing music we enjoyed. "Sounding" was the first song on the path to the simpler style of music, while "Racing, chasing" was still the old Cirrus but as a three piece. "Racing, chasing" is one of my favourite pieces of music - there is no key centre (on purpose), there is no rythymic consistancy and the song finishes before you know what has happened. It goes nowhere, has no purpose, makes no sense and is over before you know it. (Sounds like something else, doesn't it!).

The MP3 files can be downloaded here:

Sounding (2:55)
Racing, chasing (3:04)

Lee Herrick - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Bruce McKinnon - Drums, Percussion
Mark Macpherson - Guitar


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